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25 May 2021/ 7:30 am - 12:30 pm (GMT)

TLC Harmony in association with TTN Middle East presents:

25th May 2021, Starts 8.30am (UK time)

Reviewing sustainability in tourism and tourism destination development. Making sure your offer is Good for People Planet and Place, and that your guests and tourists know.

We had our Sustainable Tourism and Development Virtual Conference on the 25th May 2021 – check it out on this link

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Sustainable: Destinations. Food. Fashion. Development. Government. Wellness. Transport

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Maldives’ economic dependence on tourism makes it absolutely essential we continue to focus on sustainable tourism development whilst we embark on nationwide tourism expansion initiatives and celebration of our tourism industry’s Golden Jubilee in 2022.

We endorse the TLCs sustainable tourism initiative Reset Tourism. Sustainably
(Minister of Tourism, Maldives)

Research indicates traveller motivations and intentions continue to change with an increased focus and desire for more authentic, immersive and aspirational experiences post Covid19.
Cultural Heritage Tourism (CHT) is emerging as a critical element of these findings, therefore now is the time put in place responsible and sustainable plans that seek to protect and preserve what makes a destination unique.
We look forward to discussing and exploring the changing dynamics of the CHT sector and much more during the TLC – Reset Tourism event.
Chris Flynn, President and CEO

At Dusit, we are committed to making sustainability a part of everything we do.
We engage our staff, partners, and guests on our journey with a positive impact towards a greener planet and a more sustainable future.

Within our commitment to environmental, economic, and social sustainability, we have a 360-degree approach across our entire operations, with a focus on our guest’s wellness journey, a journey which inspires our guests to create intentional habits and rituals that can pave the way for sustained wellbeing.

As people increasingly filter their travel experiences through a holistic wellness lens, guests, organizers, and participants will become more and more interested in destinations that have a holistic wellness approach and that are environmental conscious and proactive.

“We see an amazing opportunity for Thailand to reset as a wellness destination, serving as a catalyst to build renewed interest and trust which can kickstart tourism in general”
Paul Hawco, Corporate Director of Wellness

At Mekong Tourism, sustainability is a priority to drive inclusive and balanced growth supporting small businesses and social enterprises. Our Experience Mekong Collection, recognized by the UNWTO as a global best practice in supporting the SDGs, we showcase purposeful travel experiences that make a social and environmental impact, to offer responsible travel a way to connect with local communities. We support the initiative led by TLC Global with reset tourism sustainably

Link to Thank You for speakers and supporters

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