Health Tourism Representation

The Health Tourism market is one of the fastest growing forms of tourism, with a global value between $45.5 to $60 billion USD (UN World Tourism Organisation 2018). The average health tourism spend (£15,500) is seven times greater than general tourism spend, and significantly higher for travellers from the Gulf states, averaging £40,000 across GCC and £625,000 for Dubai nationals (Dubai Health Ministry 2017), with GCC nationals length of stay averaging 21 days (Visit Britain 2019)

We provide Governments, Hospitals, Clinics and Practitioners, with representation internationally, enabling them to develop their Health tourism industry and associated luxury hospitality services. With our expertise and strength being in supporting destinations attract Gulf women and families, and high net-worth consumers access the best in Health & Well-being tourism.

TLC can also advise and support the creation of health and well-being programmes, working with either your, or our, portfolio of “world leading” practitioners in the market.

Customers are looking for a health and wellbeing experience that improves and enriches their lives and that of their families. We provide the reassurance of quality reviewing practitioners, clinics and hospitals. Identifying suitable luxury accommodation for recovery, and add the wider wow tourism experience.

Working in partnership with you, our programmes are tailored with supporting PR and promotional advice.

Case History

American Hospital Dubai (Dubai Health Care City) - we successfully increased the enquiries and referrals to the hospital, after we supported and positioned it with, the Dubai Tourism Commerce Marketing summit, as a partner with organised appointments.

Health Tourism Support Services

  • Pre-operative accommodation and post-operative recovery provided by our partnership luxury hotels
  • Transfers to and from the hotel to the medical centre for treatment
  • Chauffeur services for shopping, entertainment and local experiences

In-Hotel Services

  • in-hotel spas and treatment programmes
  • nutritional requirements and special diets
  • health and wellbeing on-call and emergency care
  • in-suite haute-couture, exclusive jewelry and luxury brand presentations